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Digital Parenting Made Easy with Smart Parental Controls

Prime Spotlight Features

Where Safety Meets Digital Delight for the Gadget Gourmands of Today!

Prime Spotlight Features

Where Safety Meets Digital Delight for the Gadget Gourmands of Today!

Stay Connected

Detailed call duration reports for clear insight into child’s communication.

Map My Location

Geofence your child’s location with virtual boundaries and real-time alerts.

Battery Level Monitor

Receive low battery alerts for uninterrupted digital use.

App Control

Baatu App supervises, blocks distracting apps, and manages screen time.

Visual Tracker

It promptly notifies parents about explicit visuals and indicators of self-harm like suicidal behaviour.

Screen Time Schedule

Set daily limits on online activity to structure time and prevent distractions.

Text Tracer

Safeguarding young minds with real-time alerts on abusive text, cyberbullying, and potential suicide ideation in children’s digital communications.

Social Media Monitoring

At the heart of Baatu App lies its ability to proactively identify and alert parents to any potential dangers or signs of distress. The app’s advanced monitoring system scans for inappropriate content, cyberbullying, and other online risks, ensuring that parents are immediately informed
of any potential threats.

In today’s digital age, where children are increasingly connected to the online world, ensuring their safety and well-being is paramount. Baatu App stands as a guardian angel, providing parents with the tools and insights they need to safeguard their children’s digital experiences.

Baatu App is not just a parental monitoring tool; it’s a collaborative platform that fosters positive and healthy digital habits for children. By working together with parents, Baatu App empowers children to make informed decisions and navigate the online world with confidence and safety.

Empowering parents with
insightful reports

In our commitment to safeguarding your child’s digital journey, Baatu App goes the extra mile by delivering detailed day-wise, weekly, and monthly reports directly to parents. These comprehensive insights provide a transparent overview of your child’s online activities, covering messaging, social media, browser use, and gaming. By staying informed through Baatu’s user-friendly reports, parents can actively engage with their child’s digital experiences, fostering a secure and open environment for discussions and collaborative decision-making. With Baatu App’s Digital Activity Reports, we empower parents to navigate the digital landscape alongside their children, ensuring a balanced and informed approach to online safety.

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