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The Powerful and Superfast Enable Tab works only when uniquely paired with baatu parenting app, As unique as the parent child bond!

Versatile, Powerful, and User-Friendly Tab Designed for


Enable Tab is designed for all the things your little ones love to do. Allow your youngsters to work, play, create, learn, stay connected and do much more with a safety net.
With the new cutting-edge Enable tab, explore the endless possibilities of learning, schooling, creating and playing with a Safety net.





Dynamic Screen for getting things done right!

The 10.01-inch high-definition display delivers true-to-life details with 800*1280 pixels resolution, great for viewing favorite movies, online classes and more. With a large screen, the Enable Tab makes on-the-go immersive learning and viewing experience more exciting than ever!

Designed for champions!





The Mediatek chip makes Enable Tab as powerful as it is portable. Capture new content, bring creative projects to life, or access advanced applications, this chip has the power to do it all quite seamlessly.

Lightning-fast fun!

Compatible with Wi-Fi and cellular data, the Enable Tab supports calling, so you’re never alone! Use connected on the Go !! Everywhere!!

A camera they’ll click with instantly!

Advanced front and back cameras to help you capture every big little moment thanks to the 8-megapixel rear camera for getting the projects off the ground faster and capturing creative and innovative world views.

Front Camera: 5.0Mp FF

Rear Camera: 8.0Mp AF

Sound-good Speakers

Supreme-quality dual speakers and built-in mics for immersive crystal clear audio.


Battery Life

Power through every task tirelessly with a battery life that lasts up to 24 hours.


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