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Enable Tab

Empower, Explore, Excel: Unleash the
Possibilities with Enable Tab and Baatu App!

Enable Tab brings the canvas, Baatu App paints the safety net – together, they redefine your child’s digital canvas.

Glam on the Outside, Tech Marvels Inside:

Dynamic screen


Screen Time

Dive into a world of vibrant visuals and breathtaking resolution with the Enable Tab’s MightyBig 10.01-inch high-definition display. Ever wondered what it feels like to have a front-row seat to your favourite movie, or to make online learning an adventure rather than a chore? Enable Tab sparks curiosity and excitement with its 800*1280 pixels resolution, making every pixel a portal to a world of possibilities! Wondering if your child is spending more time on art apps than on homework? Fear not! The app delivers detailed screen time reports, providing insights into your child’s digital activities.

A camera they’ll click with instantly

Capture Smiles, Not Surprises!” The Enable Tab’s 8MP rear camera isn’t just about taking stunning shots—it’s your digital guardian angel. Powered by Amplified Super technology, it boasts more than megapixels; it’s a vigilant eye backed by powerful AI. Filtering obscenity and blocking foul language, it ensures your child’s digital experience remains a safe and joyful adventure. Click away with confidence—Enable Tab’s camera is here to make every snapshot a secure memory

Lightning-Fast Fun in the World of 3G, 4G, and WiFi

3G, 4G


Call Duration


Never endure buffering again! Enable Tab is your ticket to lightning-fast fun with 3G, 4G, and Wi-Fi. And for the parent superheroes, fear not the digital jungle! Geo-Fencing alerts keep you in the loop even when the tab’s off the grid. Plus, with call duration alerts, you’ll know when “just five minutes” turns into an epic chat.

MediaTek processor


AI features

Powered by the mighty Mediatek chip, the Enable Tab isn’t just a tablet; it’s a portable powerhouse. Embedded with a vigilant Guardian AI, this tech wizard goes beyond pixels, ensuring your child’s digital adventure is safe. From alerting the parents about the consumption of pornography and abusive language of kids to detecting signs of depression, suicide ideation, cyberbullying, and violence—it’s the ultimate protector. Enable Tab isn’t just smart; it’s your child’s digital guardian angel.


Say goodbye to low battery anxiety! The Enable Tab boasts an ultra-big 6000mAh battery</b?, ensuring it stays by your child’s side for the long haul. With the battery alert feature, parents receive real-time updates on their child’s tablet usage, from the percentage drained to how much power remains—keeping you in the loop effortlessly.

Sound-good Speakers

Supreme quality dual speakers and built in mics for immersive crystal clear audio


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