Baatu Parenting app is a parents perfect companion to safeguard and monitor children as they explore the digital universe via the Enable Tab.

Text Tracer

Mental Health

Foul Language

Suicidal Signs

Rest easy knowing that Enable Tab tracks all text exchanges using advanced AI and machine learning. It gives you the power to eliminate situations that can affect and harm your little ones.

Visual Tracker

No Adult Novelty

Violent Visuals

Self-Harm Detection

Enable Tab allows you to address any potential issue well in advance and keep youngsters safe in the digital world.

Advanced Safety Features

Map My Location

Battery Level

Network Monitor

App Control

The Baatu App allows you to supervise the apps on Enable Tab and gives you a detailed report of the time spent on each of these applications. It allows you to set digital limits and help youngsters stay focused by blocking and limiting screen time for unusual apps, online entertainment and social media.

Stay Connected

Get a detailed report of all incoming and outgoing calls with duration.

Screen Time Schedule

Baatu App gives you the ability to set a total number of hours youngsters can be online in a day, in addition to restricting usage of the internet for specific time slots. This tool makes it easy to structure the time spent online and avoid distractions.