Baatu envisions an evolution in smart parenting, extending its reach and impact. The journey involves broadening the product base, from tablets to smartwatches, smartphones, and comprehensive monitoring systems for desktops. The goal is to serve as a one-stop solution for smart parenting, catering to the diverse digital needs of families. As technology advances, Baatu aims to stay ahead, ensuring a secure and enriching digital environment for children across various devices and platforms.

Prime Members of the Team

Meet the driving forces behind Baatu

Sandeep Kumar


The visionary leader shaping the future of smart parenting.



The financial strategist ensuring the company’s stability and growth.


Program Manager

The orchestrator behind Baatu’s seamless integration of technology and safety features.


Program Manager

The visionary leader shaping the future of smart parenting.

At Baatu, we’re not just crafting a safer digital world for children; we’re empowering parents to navigate the digital age with confidence and ensure the well-being of their young ones. Join us in this transformative journey towards a digitally secure future!